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  1. Hello Kristin de Lucia,
    I’m Naoli Victoria Lona (archaelogist who did the research about the copal from Templo Mayor, and wrote a paper with Cecelia Klein about aztec figurines); I’m doing my thesis with Dr Emily McClung from UNAM, México about the maize from Xaltocan (morphometric caracterization with Christopher Morehart method); indeed I did the analysis of the botanical material with Diana Martínez for your PhD research.
    I really need to know the context of the samples to flotation analysis, the place were taken in the archaeological context, the information of the context itself, localization maps in the archaeological context, what activity areas are, etc.
    Could you help me?, because I really need the information to understand what means the maize in the archaeological context in Xaltocan.
    Thank you in advance.
    My e-mail:
    Have a nice week.

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