Middle Postclassic/Phase 2 Xaltocan Ceramics

Phase 2 Xaltocan is associated with Aztec II and Aztec I Black-on-Orange pottery.  Radiocarbon dates from my excavations suggest that Phase 2 extends from AD 1250-1350.  Note that the presence of Aztec I pottery is likely the result of mixing with earlier deposits, as other locations at Xaltocan that do not have underlying Phase 1 occupation do not have Aztec I pottery.  In addition to the appearance of Aztec II pottery, Phase 2 also is characterized by an increase in Black-on-Red pottery and an increase in a locally produced Brown Incised ware (see below).  Phase 2 appears to overlap temporally with Phase 3.

The ceramics below derive from Phase 2 contexts directly above, and intrusive into, Structure 1.